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About East India

The ruling ground of many ancient empires, East India has a strong ethnic culture and religious roots. Comprising the easternmost cities namely Odisha, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. It spans over a total area of about 418,323 Sq Km wherein the bulk of the region is either near the Bay of Bengal or on the Indo-Gangetic plains.

Kolkata, known as the Cultural Capital of India, is the largest city of East Indian region. Located in the state of West Bengal, it boasts 19th-century architectural marvels such as Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge. The narrow alleyways and markets blend well with the ancient temples, science centers, and educational institutions giving Kolkata a metropolitan character. West Bengal is also famous for its beautiful hill stations – Darjeeling, Siliguri, and Kalimpong. The tea gardens and toy train bring an old-world charm to Darjeeling, whereas Siliguri has wildlife sanctuaries and rivers for a perfect getaway. Adventure thirsty tourists are often seen trekking the trails of Kalimpong or enjoying rafting in its cold river waters.

In East India, Odisha is a state that displays innate architectural prowess. The Sun Temple in Konark and the ancient Jagannath Temple in Puri are fine examples of it. Various unspoiled beaches and caves are also found here. Bihar and Jharkhand, though underrated, have many tourist attractions. Bodhgaya is the birthplace of Buddhism whereas Rajgir is known for its hot water springs. In Ranchi, you find numerous picturesque waterfalls. Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is a small town surrounded by beautiful high altitude lakes. In this state, various wildlife reserves thrive as well.

With a population of over 226 million, Bengali is a dominant language in West Bengal and most parts of East India. Bhojpuri is spoken in Bihar and Jharkhand whereas Odia is the local language of Odisha. Also, in terms of food, each state of Eastern India has its rich delicacies soaked in traditional herbs and spices. Bengali fish and Rasagola lure you in Kolkata while Chhena Gaja and Rasmalai are lip-smacking dishes of Odisha. The Tibetan food in Darjeeling and Arunachal Pradesh is infused with local herbs lending it a distinct flavour.

Adding to the vibrant culture of East India are various dance, music and art forms. From Sambalpuri dance to Rabindra Sangeet and Madhubani paintings, the creative diaspora of the region has left its mesmerizing effect on people worldwide.

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