Benefits of video email marketing

Over the past two years, the average person has gone from watching approximately eight hours of online video per week to a staggering sixteen hours per week

This massive increase is further reflected in the fact that 86% of people report wanting to see even more video in email from brands. Unsurprisingly, 92% of marketers say using video is an important part of their marketing strategy.

These numbers undisputedly mean one thing: there’s a clear affinity for video content. 

Video email can simplify concepts

By combining visuals and audio, video marketing can help you to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. This makes video a great medium for sharing information about business updates, new products, explainer videos, announcements, and more.

Rather than reading a long-winded new product or service announcement, or being redirected to an FAQ page, you can condense key information into an easily digestible video format. All that your audience needs to do is hit play, sit back and take it in.

Video email can offer a unique brand experience

When most people open an email, they’re expecting text and images. By sending video emails, you can delight your email subscribers and engage them with unique content in their inbox.

Including video emails in your marketing mix can help you stay top of mind for your subscribers and keep them interested in opening your emails. In fact, sending a mix of different types of emails is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. 

Rather than sending repetitive emails that become predictable, a mix of various types of emails provides more value and intrigue, which can help your lead nurturing and sales growth efforts. 

Video email grabs attention 

Video is attention-grabbing and easier to consume than text. In fact, the human brain processes visuals at a rate that’s 600,000 times faster than text

Video emails build trust and connection with your audience

When you send video by email, it can help add a face and personality to your brand. When your audience has a chance to connect to a person, they can get a feel for your brand values, which helps to build trust and establish a more meaningful connection.

Simple and short snippets such as sharing tips, or giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business operations, can help to personalize and humanize your brand.

How to do a video email marketing campaign

Following the best practices for how to email a video will help you achieve your email campaign goals. Here are five steps to ensure that your video email marketing campaign is a success.

Plan your video email campaign goals

Consider the goals of your email campaign so you can plan your objectives clearly. For any given campaign, it’s best to stick to one specific goal. Common video email campaign goals include creating brand awareness, announcing events or special offers and generating leads

Before committing to an idea, follow this planning process for how best to use video:

  1. Plan the specific marketing strategies to use during your campaign.
  2. Select a segment of your target audience.
  3. Do market research to learn what kind of videos your competitors are using and which ones tend to generate the most success.
  4. Collect insights on whether your target audience is more likely to watch your video on their phone or on a computer.
  5. Create a detailed marketing budget that includes everything from market research to video production.  
  6. Prepare your to-do list, assign roles and responsibilities and follow your plan.  

Create your eye-catching video

For best results, use high-quality recording equipment. Make sure the subject of the video is well lit and that there are no distracting sounds. If you’re on a budget, there are a variety of sites that offer royalty-free images and music that you can use in your video, such as Premium BeatStory Blocks and Epidemic Sound and Pixabay, to name a few.  

Investing in custom images and music can help to incorporate a custom-branded feel to your videos.

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